Floor Drain Cleaning

Watching your basement or laundry room floor drain backing up with water can send you into a panic. We can help. Gopher Sewer & Drain in Minneapolis offers expert floor drain cleaning and maintenance to help clear the clogs that cause unnecessary backups.

Why Is My Floor Drain Backing Up?

Although a clog inside the floor drain itself might be to blame, there are other plumbing issues that may be the culprit. Because floor drains are connected to the rest of the plumbing in your home, clogs in other pipes throughout your home can cause floor drain backups. Water without proper drainage will rise until it finds an exit point, which is commonly through your floor drain. These backups can also occur due to clogs in your main sewer line.

What About Standing Water in Floor Drains?

Seeing standing water in your floor drain is normal. Floor drains are built to hold a little water to prevent sewer gas from entering your home. However, if the water rises beyond the norm or you experience a bigger backup, it’s time to call a professional floor drain cleaning company.

Floor Drain Cleaning Services by Gopher Sewer & Drain

Plumbing issues such as floor drain backups often occur when we least expect them. That’s why Gopher Sewer & Drain offers 24/7 residential floor drain cleaning services to give you peace of mind. Our team of experts will come and inspect your plumbing, working to pinpoint the underlying issue causing your drain to flood.

If required, we’ll use our up-to-date camera equipment, diving deep into your drain to look for obstructions or broken pipes. Should a clog be to blame, we’ll use our professional drain snaking or water jet equipment to clear grease, debris, roots and more.

Routine Floor Drain Maintenance

Not dealing with a current floor drain back up? Avoid future inconveniences by allowing Gopher Sewer & Drain to perform routine floor drain cleaning and maintenance. We’ll help your drains and pipes remain free of the build-up that causes clogs throughout your plumbing system.

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Whether you’re struggling with a floor drain that continues to back up over time or you’ve found yourself standing in a flooded basement, we can help with our 24/7 service. For a free estimate, reach out to the team at Gopher Sewer & Drain by calling 612-424-2205 or by sending us a message.

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What Our Customers Say

“I called Gopher Sewer & Drain to clean out my clogged sewer. They came quickly and cleaned out over 3 lbs of tree roots. They were very careful of my carpet in my basement, cleaned up everything and took it all away. I will call them again when I have a problem.”

Nicole, Richfield, MN

“I had a clogged sink and I called Gopher Sewer & Drain. They came out promptly, diagnosed the problem and cleaned my drain. The service was prompt, they were careful around my kitchen and cleaned up everything. I will use them again.”

Tom & Julie, Minneapolis, MN

“Pedro came out the same day, fixed our plumbing issue, and probably saved us $1000 by recommending the right fix, not fixing unnecessary plumbing like most companies try to do.”

Justin H., Minneapolis, MN

“I recommend Pedro to everyone who asks. 1st of all he’s the nicest guy ever. Secondly you feel like you’re getting a fair price when you use him for a job. He actually came to my house one time and as I had a problem he couldn’t fix, he left without charging me a dime. I offered to pay him for his time and mileage but he refused to take my money. It’s not often you find that integrity in today’s world. It’s not fun to have to call a plumber, but Pedro will make the process less painful.”

Kristin O., Minneapolis, MN

“Had a drain backing up and was tempted to deal with the problem myself...glad I didn’t! Gopher was able to quickly dispatch someone to come out and assess the issue and within an hour had everything back to normal! Pedro was extremely helpful and courteous throughout the whole process. Will use again and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!”

Cody J., St. Anthony, MN
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