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Gopher Sewer & Drain is a local, family owned and operated business that provides professional drain cleaning services to commercial and residential customers in Minneapolis and surrounding metro. We deliver quality and reliable drain cleaning services with upfront, reasonable pricing. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to resolve your plumbing issue, clear your drain back up or provide reliable, scheduled maintenance cleanings. We work with a wide range of up to date equipment, from traditional cable snakes to commercial strength, high powered water jets. At Gopher Sewer & Drain we pride ourselves on our skill, strong work ethic and honest business practices. For quality, trustworthy service at a great price, call Gopher!

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What Our Customers Say

“Pedro came out the same day, fixed our plumbing issue, and probably saved us $1000 by recommending the right fix, not fixing unnecessary plumbing like most companies try to do.”

Justin H., Minneapolis, MN

"Gopher Sewer & Drain for the win! Pedro got someone over to my house after business hours in less than 30-minutes. Eduardo went above and beyond working on my drain - three tries plus an attempt to locate a different option. He finally got through and fixed the problem! Really appreciated all interactions with this company.

Katie, Minneapolis, MN

"Miguel has been to our house multiple times over the years and each time is on time, helpful, and efficient. The first, in fact, was an emergency call on Thanksgiving. Prices are reasonable and you definitely get what you pay for. Strongly recommend for someone looking to avoid the big names and go with a local company.

Jon, Minneapolis, MN

"Both Pedro and Miguel have come to our house! They are quick and explain what the problems are and solutions! When we have needed service they have come right away or scheduled a time that works for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone! I have found our plumber for life!

Katie, Newport, MN

"Pedro and Gopher Sewer and Drain came out twice in three days to fix to broken pieces of my shower. Pedro was very kind, professional, and took extra time explaining the plumbing issues so I understood them. I will definitely call Gopher Sewer and Drain next time I have any plumbing issues.

Rachel, Minneapolis, MN
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View The Most Common FAQs From Customers

Why are my drains backing up?

Drains back up for a variety of reasons. Toilet paper buildup or, more commonly, improperly flushed items such as feminine hygiene products and paper towels can easily clog up a main sewer line. Tree roots or broken or dipped pipes can also cause a sewer line clog. Smaller drains (such as kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks or tubs) can clog up over time with food waste, oils, soap scum build up and hair.

When should you call a plumber for a clogged drain?

If you see your drains are not draining normally, notice unpleasant odors, or have an active backup, it’s time to call a drain technician. Try to avoid using store bought drain cleaning solutions such as Drano, which contain toxic and harsh chemicals that actually damage your pipes. The sooner you address the situation with a professional the easier and more cost effective the solution will be.

How much does it cost to clear a drain?

We have some of the lowest prices in town for residential drain cleaning. The price changes depending on the drain and the service requested. We have interior drains that start at $189.00 and main sewer lines that start at $249.00. We offer both cable cleaning and hydro jetting services.

How often should you snake your drain?

Optimal drain cleaning frequency depends on your plumbing set up, foliage and what preventative measures you are taking. For smaller drain lines we recommend maintenance drain snaking services be performed every few years or so. We often recommend yearly maintenance cleanings of main sewer lines, especially if a home has a yard full of trees or there are known issues with the line, such as dips. If you have frequent back ups it’s a good idea to get on a maintenance schedule to get ahead of any potential problems.

What is hydro jet drain cleaning?

Hydro jet drain cleaning is the quickest and most reliable method to not just unclog, but fully clean lines that are obstructed by high volumes of grease, sludge, sediment, or tree roots. Hydro jets, or water jets, are large tanks of water connected to heavy duty hoses with specific nozzles that direct water at an extremely powerful velocity throughout the walls of pipes. The pipes are scoured clean by this high pressure stream of water, leaving them virtually like new.

When is a clogged drain an emergency?

A clogged drain can turn into an emergency very quickly. The most urgent of drain clogs is your main sewer line. This is the line that carries sewage from your house to the street and city sewer. If there is a blockage in this line any water used in the home will cause sewage to back up into your basement (or lowest drain depending on your set up). If flushing the toilet, using water in the shower or sinks causes water to appear in your floor drains you should call a professional immediately. Our technicians are standing by to help with any emergency drain cleaning problem.

How to clean a floor drain in the basement?

The most cost effective way to perform a floor drain cleaning in the basement is to cable the line. Our trained drain cleaning technicians will utilize heavy duty cable machines with an appropriate sized blade to clear the blockage or build up.