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Main Sewer Line Cleaning

Gopher Sewer & Drain provides professional drain cleaning services to the Minneapolis Metro and surrounding areas. We are a local, family owned and operated business that is committed to providing quality service at an affordable price. Gopher focuses on clearing blockages and backups for all drains, and specializes in clearing main sewer lines.

Main Sewer Lines, or Main Sewer Drains, are drains buried beneath your home that are responsible for carrying waste water out of your plumbing and into the city sewer system. A clog in your main line could result in a raw sewage backup in your home (it’s not pretty folks). Warning signs of a clog in the main sewer line are:

  • Simultaneous back-ups in many or all drains in the home when the toilet is flushed;
  • Multiple slow running drains in the home;
  • Gurgling noises in drains or the toilet when toilet is flushed or water is ran;
  • Water coming up through floor drains.

Some of the most common causes of a clogged sewer line include:

  • Tree Roots:
    Tree roots can crush or grow into sewer lines and cause cracks and breaks in pipes and clog them up fast. Many older homes with concrete and clay pipes are especially susceptible to tree root intrusion and damage. Once cracked, dirt and sediment can leak into the line creating further problems.
  • Bellied Pipes:
    A bellied pipe refers to a sagged, dipped or sunken sewer line. These depressed areas create pools of stagnant water, waste and toilet paper that can result in a clog and back up. Bellied pipes can occur due to shifting or unstable ground, improper plumbing installation or construction, and improper grading.
  • Broken Pipes or Joints:
    Pipes that have frozen, are located in shifting or unstable soil, or that have been infiltrated by tree roots can crack and break, resulting in a clog and backup. Dirt and sediment can enter through cracks and holes and further obstruct the line. Broken joints between pipes can also result in a clog or the need for sewer line repair.
  • Foreign Objects:
    We’ve seen it all folks, from feminine hygiene products to diapers to beer bottles and hair pieces…. what goes down will come back up!
  • Grease Build Up:
    Improper use of garbage disposals and the daily use of kitchen sinks and dishwashers can result in heavy grease build up in main sewer lines. In these cases a hot water hydro jet cleaning can be the most effective and thorough way to clear the grease blockage and scour out your sewer line.

Why Choose Gopher?

  • Local, family owned & operated
  • Up front, affordable pricing
  • Estimates
  • Guaranteed work
  • 24/7 Service

A backup from a clogged main sewer line can be a major headache. At Gopher Sewer & Drain, we have the equipment and knowledge to take care of the toughest main sewer line backups. From state of the art video inspection systems to high powered water jets, we have what you need to get your main sewer line running again. If you suspect a clog but aren’t sure, go ahead and give us a call. We’d be happy to talk with you about possible culprits and solutions. For honest, dependable service, call Gopher today.

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What Our Customers Say

"Amazing service! He was in and out in no time and left the bathroom spotless!

Ed, Columbia Heights, MN

"Both Pedro and Miguel have come to our house! They are quick and explain what the problems are and solutions! When we have needed service they have come right away or scheduled a time that works for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone! I have found our plumber for life!

Katie, Newport, MN

"I called Pedro on a Friday night at 6pm during the Covid-19 pandemic with a floor drain backing up anytime water was used in my house. Miguel was at my house at 8am on Saturday morning and used an auger to clear my main sewer line. Pedro ended up having to come too because my house sits back from the street and they needed more than 100ft of cable to reach the clog. They were able to clear the line and replace the corroded cap in 2 hours and everything is draining great now. They were friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend them for service in the Twin Cities and will call them again if I ever need service. It was cheaper than expected so that was great too. I'll be getting my line scoped later this summer and will be using GSD."

Dave, Minnetonka, MN

"Pedro responded quickly and did a thorough and effective job resolving our clogged drains. We had a different plumber out to fix the same problem a few weeks earlier. That plumber snaked the drain, and that helped for a short time. Pedro soon figured out that the line from the kitchen was majorly clogged from years of use, and it had to be blasted with water. Simply snaking it was a waste of time. He also replaced a smaller line with a larger one. The amount of gunk he cleaned out was amazing. The money spent on the first plumber was a complete waste. Gopher wasn't cheap, but I feel like Pedro correctly diagnosed and fixed the problem.

Thomas, Roseville, MN

“Pedro came out the same day, fixed our plumbing issue, and probably saved us $1000 by recommending the right fix, not fixing unnecessary plumbing like most companies try to do.”

Justin H., Minneapolis, MN
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FAQs For Main Sewer Line Cleaning

How much does it cost to clean a main sewer line?

We charge $249 to clear a main sewer line. That covers the first hour and up to 100 feet. Typically the job will be taken care of in that first hour, however if there are major problems in the line and we go over the first hour then our hourly charge will kick in.

How often should you have the main sewer line cleaned?

We recommend a maintenance cleaning of your main sewer line once a year. If  you have recurrent problems such as tree root growth sometimes we recommend bi-annual cleanings, however each situation varies depending on your specific line.

How do you tell if your sewer line is clogged?

Some classic signs that your main sewer line is clogged are: 

  • Simultaneous back-ups in many or all drains in the home when the toilet is flushed;
  • Multiple slow running drains in the home;
  • Gurgling noises in drains or the toilet when toilet is flushed or water is ran;
  • Water coming up through floor drains.