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Gopher Sewer and Drain offers professional sewer and drain cleaning in Roseville, MN. We are a family owned and operated company that emphasizes quality service at reasonable prices. Call us today for all your drain cleaning needs!

If you are located in Roseville, MN and are looking for professional and reliable drain cleaning service, give Gopher Sewer and Drain a call. We provide residential and commercial drain cleaning that you can depend on, and that you can afford. Have a clogged main line or toilet? Is your floor drain backing up into your home? Gopher Sewer has the most up to date tools of the trade and the skill to solve your problem quickly and effectively. We offer cable or hydro jet cleaning services to unclog main sewer lines, floor drains, bathtub or shower drains, kitchen sinks, disposals, laundry drains, toilets and more. We offer camera inspections to make sure the pipes in your home are clear or to correctly diagnose your problem. Whether you are in need of a basic plumbing fix or a high power water jet cleaning of your sewer line, Gopher Sewer and Drain are your Roseville Drain Cleaning experts.

Are you a business owner in Roseville, MN looking for regular drain cleaning services, or someone to call for emergency drain backups? Gopher Sewer and Drain specializes in commercial drain cleaning and will resolve your problems efficiently so you can get back to business. Call us today to set up a routine maintenance schedule to keep your drains running smoothly. Have a clogged drain or main sewer line and need emergency service fast? Gopher Sewer utilizes high powered water jets to scour your pipes and leave them like new. Call us today for a quote!

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What Our Customers Say

"Pedro responded quickly and did a thorough and effective job resolving our clogged drains. We had a different plumber out to fix the same problem a few weeks earlier. That plumber snaked the drain, and that helped for a short time. Pedro soon figured out that the line from the kitchen was majorly clogged from years of use, and it had to be blasted with water. Simply snaking it was a waste of time. He also replaced a smaller line with a larger one. The amount of gunk he cleaned out was amazing. The money spent on the first plumber was a complete waste. Gopher wasn't cheap, but I feel like Pedro correctly diagnosed and fixed the problem.

Thomas, Roseville, MN